Blushing and Relationships


Fear, anxiety and worries are normal stuff that every human beings experience. It is normal to have that little fear and worry a little bit about anything in life. But as they say, too much of anything is and will always be poisonous.


Most people today are finding it very hard to start or to maintain a relationship. In this world full of challenges and difficulties, people have become obsessed with unnecessary fears and worries as they try to fit in. People have lost that feeling of self- worthy as they try to be like everyone else. This has created anxiety, more so in relationships as people have that fear of break ups or being dumped by their partners. Fear and anxiety can be exposed in different ways, among them is facial blushing. I give you reasons why that anxiety, fear and worry might just be the reason why you can never start and maintain a relationship.

Fear and anxiety makes you a poor lover. If you are constantly worrying about your friendship with your partner, you tend to become a poor lover. It is impossible to give your all to that person that makes you feel inferior or to that person you feel as if they really don’t care about the relationship between you two. With time, you realize you are drifting away and later realize that you also don’t really care. This marks the end of the relationship between you two. Of important to note here is that, you might have built your fears out of nothing and out of nothing, your love affair has come crumbling down!

Another negative effect is that you can never risk trying another relationship. If you are in a relationship and you are that over too fearful and anxious person, you tend to try and stick to that one relationship no matter how abusive or intolerable it becomes. You fear about having to start from zero as you think you have been through hell already. You stick to your abusive marriage or relationship because you are not confident enough and you don’t value yourself enough to walk away on that abusive relationship. You need to value yourself, have confident to explore and don’t fear making a mistake. Perfect relationships never exist, so don’t expect yours to be.

If you keep on worrying about issues in your love life, you think about yourself as an incompetent person who can never maintain a relationship. If you allow this to get into your mind, you feel ashamed of yourself and you always see people seeing you as a failure. These feelings about your self are always carried with you and you tend to expose them whenever you encounter someone new. You will most likely find yourself blushing off as you try to hide your fears. Yes, you want to start that affair, but you don’t feel up for the task. Blushing off becomes part of your life and people fail to see you for who you are, instead, they see an incompetent person and don’t see you as capable of a relationship. People run away from you!

As you can see from above, it is you who is making it hard for you to start and maintain a new relationship. Work on your fears and watch your relationship grow!

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